TFT Tornado RC Bumper Monitor

TFT Tornado RC Bumper Monitor


Jet / spray water&foam monitor

24V DC electrically operated

TFT special design automatic nozzle: Max Series

Independent output flow rate from feeding pressure

TFT Smart Stream feature; prevents unwanted water flow changes during pattern selection


24 V DC controlled joystick from the cab

Digital direction indicator with 360 ° view on screen

Programmable parking and intervention positions

Programmable operating range and motion pattern

One-button operated intervention position feature



Horizontal: at least 45° to right and left side with a total of 90°

Vertical: at least -15° / + 75° (The vertical movement range of the monitor can be limited and changed by the user)



Capacity: 1.900 l/min at 10 bar

Shooting range: 50m water / 40m foam


Friction loss: 1.900 l  (only 1,3 bar per minute)


Material: ANSI 356-T6 Anodized Aluminum




TFT Tornado RC Bumper Monitor