250kg capacity dry chemical powder trailer

250kg capacity dry chemical powder trailer

Technical Specifications

The dimensions are 2150 x 1550 x 1600 mm (length x width x height)

The system is composed of trailer mounted power tank, nitrogen tube and two hose reels


The powder tank includes two safety valves and has a diameter of 600mm.

30 bar test pressure and 17 bar working pressure

The trailer has a carrying capacity of 1000kg and has single axle with two carrying wheels at rear and one direction wheel at front.

The trailer’s suspension is of spring leaf and has stop and direction indicator lamps

The two of the reels on the power tank both have 15 meters long 20 overpressure resistant hoses. The hoses include shut off valves and nozzles.

The system inludes a 26.7kg nitrogen tube as propellant

The gas pressure could be adjusted via a regulator

There is an after-use powder removal system inside the hose

Each hose can operate indepently of the other.

The panel on the trailer has extinguisher valve controls and instructions.

The tank includes 91% mono ammonium phosphate chemical powder which is effective on ABC fires and compliant with TS EN 615 standards.

250kg capacity dry chemical powder trailer